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Table 3 Adjusted hazard ratios of product terms between ART-123 and PMX-HP and related therapeutic variables

From: Beneficial effect modification on survival outcome of sepsis between ART-123 and polymyxin B‑immobilised haemoperfusion: a nationwide Japanese registry study

 Adjusted hazard ratio95% confidence intervalP value
(a) Overall
 ART-123 × PMX-HP0.6670.462–0.9610.030
(b) Patients who required vasopressors
 ART-123 × PMX-HP0.6370.439–0.9250.018
  1. PMX-HP polymyxin B‑immobilised haemoperfusion
  2. The adjusted hazard ratio, 95% confidence interval, and P values indicate those calculated after the product term was introduced into the Cox regression model shown in Table 2 or 4