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Table 1 Published case reports describing patients with COVID-19 complicated by pulmonary embolism (PE)

From: Pulmonary embolism in patients with coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) pneumonia: a narrative review

Authors (country) Sex, age (years) Time to PE (days)* Comorbid conditions Source of PE Extent of PE Therapy Outcome, remarks
Danzi et al. (Italy) [2] F, 75 10 None None Bilateral LMWH NR
Cellina et al. (Italy) [3] M, 60 13 Overweight None Bilateral; left main pulmonary artery and right interlobar artery NR NR
Ullah et al. (USA) [4] F, 59 > 8 Hypertension, type 2 diabetes mellitus None Bilateral; central and proximal segmental pulmonary artery and linear sellar PE LMWH → Apixaban Discharged after 1 week
Casey et al. (USA) [5] M, 42 12 None None Bilateral segmental; infarct in the right lower lobe LMWH Discharged home
Foch et al. (France) [6] M, 50 7 Recent long-haul flight None Middle lobe and segmental LMWH NR
Rotzinger et al. (Switzerland) [7] M, 75 4 None None Right middle lobar segmental LMWH NR
Fabre et al. (France) [8] F, 45 7 Obesity, hypertension Clot in patent foramen ovale, DVT of left leg Massive bilateral proximal PE Surgical embolectomy, ECMO Death
Sulemane et al. (UK) [9] M, 60 Hypertension, hypercholesterolemia Small, highly mobile mural thrombus within RV free wall Bilateral; inferior lingula and segmental branches to lateral segment of middle lobe Thrombolysis NR
Audo et al. (Italy) [10] M, 59 > 10 days None None Massive bilateral; right atrium and left and right main pulmonary arteries Surgical embolectomy Transferred to a regular ward
Le Berre et al. (France) [11] M, 71 17 None Thrombosis of right posterior tibial vein Anterior basal branch of right inferior lobe pulmonary artery LMWH Survived
Jafari et al. (Iran) [12] F, 50 7 None None Large saddle PE Heparin and antithrombotic treatment Discharged home
Griffin et al. (USA) [13] M, 52 18 Smoker None Bilateral LMWH → rivaroxaban Discharged receiving supplemental oxygen
F, 60 18 Ovarian cancer post oophorectomy, DVT 18 years earlier None Multiple bilateral segmental and subsegmental PE LMWH → rivaroxaban Discharged receiving supplemental oxygen
M, 68 22 Hypertension, diabetes mellitus None Bilateral LMWH Favorable outcome
Martinelli et al. (Italy) [14] F, 17 9 Obesity, pregnancy None Segmental PEin the right superior lobe LMWH Discharged home
Urgent cesarean sections (29W)
Lushina et al. (USA) [15] M, 84 14 Hypertension None Bilateral lobar PE LMWH; thrombectomy Death on day 2
Harsch et al. (Germany) [16] F, 66 > 7 Atrial fibrillation None Bilateral pulmonary arterial emboli in the lower lobes Apixaban Discharged home
Ueki et al. (Switzerland) [17] M, 82 7 None None Thrombus in right pulmonary artery NR NR
Ioan et al. (Spain) [18] M, 61 7 Smoking, hypertension None Bilateral r-tPA NR
Bruggemann et al. (Netherland) [19] M, 57 14 Peripheral arterial disease None Multiple PE in the right pulmonary artery and bilateral (sub)segmental PE LMWH NR
Perez-Girbes (Spain) [20] M, 68 NR NR NR Right lobar PE and segmental PE in the right superior lobe NR NR
Khodamoradi et al. (Iran) [21] F, 36 5 Pregnancy, 5 days after cesarean section None Right side interlobar artery, posterior basal segment, and the lingular branch LMWH Discharged home
Poggiali et al. (Italy) [22] M, 64 27 None DVT Left subsegmental PE Fondaparinux/dapigatran Discharged home
Marsico et al. (Spain) [23] M, 32 14 None None Bilateral segmental and subsegmental branches of pulmonary arteries LMWH Discharged home
F, 59 19 Hypertension, hypothyroidism None Bilateral segmental and subsegmental branches of pulmonary arteries. LMWH Discharged home
Schmiady et al. (Swizerland) [24] F, 54 3 HIT-II Multiple thrombi in the inferior vena cava, the right atrium, and the pelvic veins Central pulmonary artery with occlusion of the lower right and middle pulmonary artery Argatroban
Polat and Bostancı (Turkey) [25] F, 41 NR Diabetes mellitus None Bilateral central PE r-tPA/heparin Sudden death
Ahmed et al. (UK) [26] F, 29 14 Diabetes mellitus, obesity, pregnancy None Right lower lobe NR Death
Molina et al. (USA) [27] M, 23 NR Nitrous oxide abuse DVT Saddle PE r-tPA NR
Vitali et al. (Italy) [28] M.70 22 None None Bilateral lobar and segmental LMWH Discharged home
  1. DVT: deep venous thrombosis, F: Female, LMWH: low-molecular weight heparin, HIT: heparin-induced thrombocytopenia, M: male, NR: not reported, PE: pulmonary embolism, r-tPA: recombinant tissue plasminogen activator, UK: United Kingdom
  2. * Since the initial SARS-CoV-2 symptoms