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Table 1 Hemodialysis model in rats: characteristics

From: Proceedings of Réanimation 2020, the French Intensive Care Society International Congress

RRT typeArterio-venous hemodialysis
AnesthesiaIsoflurane gas
Vascular accessCarotid artery, femoral vein
AnticoagulationHeparinized saline 100 UI/ml: 1 ml at the beginning
Extracorporeal circuit volumeApprox. 0.7 ml (without dialyzer), 1.3 ml (with dialyzer)
PrimingNaCl 0.9% (no transfusion)
Hemodialyzer (membrane)MicroKros® (Spectrum Lab), surface 20 cm2, 50 kDa pores, 20 cm length, fiber inner diameter 0.5 mm
Blood flow1 ml/min, controlled with a peristaltic pump
Duration120 min