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Table 5 ASSESS approach

From: Intensive care of the cancer patient: recent achievements and remaining challenges

Domain Description and rationale
Triage for ICU Admission Triage criteria for ICU admission used by oncologists/hematologists and intensivists. Detailed evaluation of the ICU admission process, including data on non-ICU cancer patients with various levels of organ dysfunction on the wards and data on the effects of early ICU admission
Code Status Code status to be implemented at ICU admission: full code, ICU trial for a short period (3-5 days with full-code status and then reevaluation) or early implementation of palliative care
ICU support and patient's evolution ICU management, with a reappraisal of the intensity, duration and nature of life-supporting treatments provided in the ICU. Evaluation of incidence, nature and outcome of organ failures and residual organ dysfunction
Survival Beyond short- and medium-term survival by evaluating long-term outcomes (up to 1 year)
Picture of survivors Description of ICU survivors, including qualitative evaluation of the ability to undergo chemotherapy, disease-free survival, functional status, health-related quality of life and post-ICU burden (stress-related disorders, anxiety, and depression)
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