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Erratum to: SAPS 3 score as a predictive factor for postoperative referral to intensive care unit

  • João M. SilvaJr.1, 2Email author,
  • Helder Marcus Costa Rocha1,
  • Henrique Tadashi Katayama1,
  • Leandro Ferreira Dias1,
  • Mateus Barros de Paula1,
  • Leusi Magda Romano Andraus1,
  • Jose Maria Correa Silva1 and
  • Luiz Marcelo Sá Malbouisson1, 2
Annals of Intensive Care20166:78

Received: 1 July 2016

Accepted: 21 July 2016

Published: 16 August 2016

The original article was published in Annals of Intensive Care 2016 6:42

Erratum to: Ann Intensive Care (2016) 6:42 DOI 10.1186/s13613-016-0129-5

The original version of this article [1] unfortunately contained a mistake. The figures supplied for Figs. 2 and 3 were interchanged.

The corrected Figs. 2 and 3 and associated legends are supplied below.
Figure 2
Fig. 2

ROC curves of surgery time and SAPS 3 score for ICU referral

Figure 3
Fig. 3

SAPS 3 score stratification and ICU referral rate



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Authors’ Affiliations

Hospital Servidor Publico Estadual-SP, Rua Pedro de Toledo, São Paulo, Brazil
Anaesthesiology Department, Hospital das Clinicas SP-FMUSP, São Paulo, Brazil


  1. Silva JM Jr, Rocha HMC, Katayama HT, Dias LF, de Paula MB, Andraus LMR, Silva JMC, Sá Malbouisson LM. SAPS 3 score as a predictive factor for postoperative referral to intensive care unit. Ann Intensive Care. 2016; 6(1):42. doi:10.1186/s13613-016-0129-5.


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