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COVID-19 Research Updates

Letter to the Editor
Is hypoxemia explained by intracardiac or intrapulmonary shunt in COVID-19-related acute respiratory distress syndrome?
Paul Masi, François Bagate, Thomas d’Humières, et al.
Ann Intensive Care 2020 10:108
Published on: 3 August 2020

Letter to the Editor
P-SILI is not justification for intubation of COVID-19 patients
Martin J. Tobin, Franco Laghi and Amal Jubran
Ann Intensive Care 2020 10:105
Published on: 3 August 2020

Clinical outcomes of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China: a large cohort study
Jiao Liu, Sheng Zhang, Zhixiong Wu, et al.
Ann Intensive Care 2020 10:99
Published on: 31 July 2020

SARS-CoV-2 post-infective myocarditis: the tip of COVID-19 immune complications?
Pierre Tissières and Jean-Louis Teboul
Ann Intensive Care 2020 10:98
Published on: 23 July 2020

Respiratory mechanics and gas exchanges in the early course of COVID-19 ARDS: a hypothesis-generating study
J.-L. Diehl, N. Peron, R. Chocron, B. Debuc, et al.
Ann Intensive Care 2020 10:95
Published on: 16 July 2020

Letter to the Editor
Spontaneous breathing, transpulmonary pressure and mathematical trickery
Luciano Gattinoni, John J. Marini, Mattia Busana, et al.
Ann Intensive Care 2020 10:88
Published on: 8 July 2020

Ethical dilemmas due to the Covid-19 pandemic
René Robert, Nancy Kentish-Barnes, Alexandre Boyer, et al.
Ann Intensive Care 2020 10:84
Published on: 17 June 2020

Caution about early intubation and mechanical ventilation in COVID-19
Martin J. Tobin, Franco Laghi and Amal Jubran
Ann Intensive Care 2020 10:78
Published on: 9 June 2020

Management of critically ill patients with COVID-19 in ICU: statement from front-line intensive care experts in Wuhan, China
You Shang, Chun Pan, Xianghong Yang, et al.
Ann Intensive Care 2020 10:73
Published on: 6 June 2020

Letter to the Editor
COVID-19-associated invasive pulmonary aspergillosis
Lynn Rutsaert, Nicky Steinfort, Tine Van Hunsel, et al.
Ann Intensive Care 2020 10:69
Published on: 1 June 2020

Acute myocarditis and multisystem inflammatory emerging disease following SARS-CoV-2 infection in critically ill children
Marion Grimaud, Julie Starck, Michael Levy, et al.
Ann Intensive Care 2020 10:69
Published on: 1 June 2020

Letter to the Editor
Lack of viral clearance by the combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin or lopinavir and ritonavir in SARS-CoV-2-related acute respiratory distress syndrome
Sami Hraiech, Jérémy Bourenne, Khaldoun Kuteifan, et al.
Ann Intensive Care 2020 10:63
Published on: 24 May 2020

Letter to the Editor
Nitric oxide inhalation as an interventional rescue therapy for COVID-19-induced acute respiratory distress syndrome
Jun Kobayashi and Isamu Murata
Ann Intensive Care 2020 10:61
Published on: 20 May 2020

Letter to the Editor
Microvascular alterations in patients with SARS-COV-2 severe pneumonia
Elisa Damiani, Andrea Carsetti, Erika Casarotta, et al.
Ann Intensive Care 2020 10:60
Published on: 20 May 2020

Letter to the Editor
The outbreak of COVID-19 in Mulhouse
Khaldoun Kuteifan, Pierre Pasquier, Christian Meyer, et al.
Ann Intensive Care 2020 10:59
Published on: 19 May 2020

Recruitability and effect of PEEP in SARS-Cov-2-associated acute respiratory distress syndrome
François M. Beloncle, Bertrand Pavlovsky, Christophe Desprez, et al.
Ann Intensive Care 2020 10:55
Published on: 12 May 2020

Therapeutic strategies for critically ill patients with COVID-19
Lei Li, Ranran Li, Zhixiong Wu, Xianghong Yang, et al.
Ann Intensive Care 2020 10:45
Published on: 20 April 2020

Letter to the Editor
Critically ill SARS-CoV-2-infected patients are not stratified as sepsis by the qSOFA
Marion Ferreira, Timothee Blin, Nived Collercandy, et al.
Ann Intensive Care 2020 10:43
Published on: 19 April 2020

Letter to the Editor
Lower mortality of COVID-19 by early recognition and intervention: experience from Jiangsu Province
Qin Sun, Haibo Qiu, Mao Huang and Yi Yang
Ann Intensive Care 2020 10:33
Published on: 18 March 2020